Network Management

ECS network management refers to the activities, methods, procedures, and tools that we use to connect to the administration and maintenance of your network system. Administration deals with keeping track of resources in the network and how they are assigned.

Server Support

ECS ensures that whatever type of business server support you require your business can run as smoothly as possible - while we worry about issues such as security, anti-spam, antivirus, software updates, redundancy, uptime, and data reliability

Project Management

We pride ourselves to deliver with excellence and high standards IT projects with sufficient planning considering the resources it needs to devote to a project, the skills required and the people who need to be involved

Software Deployment

ECS provides end-to-end solution for quick deployment of large scale desktop, server and storage transitions. Our experience and deployment tools include the full range of software deployment needs, including planning, asset discovery, image development and management, integration, installation, data migration, and recycling services for desktops, notebooks, servers and storage.

By offering Software deployment service, ECS is helping to maximize your IT investments. Deploying and integrating new software into clients IT infrastructure can be extremely resource-intensive, thus it requires expert's knowledge. Certainly, new and advanced software can improve the whole business performance, effectiveness and productivity but the deployment process itself can be time consuming. It usually involves complex tasks - i.e. migration of user data, integration of custom hardware, software and peripheral devices installation The main benefits that the client gets from our software deployment services are: minimized disruptions, improved efficiency, improved IT work and increased flexibility by receiving the end-to-end service.